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Welcome to the Fun & Games Page

Welcome to my Fun & Games page. Here you will find a few interesting things to while away those boring hours between watching your Star Wars movies (Or while you sit in your little office space staring out the window....if you can see one that is)... Download and print some FREE!! paper models of your favorite Star Wars charracters or print off a FREE!! Jar Jar Binks target to shoot at...(If you are in the office, I highly recommend using rubber bands)..with your air pistol or rifle. Why not even play Space Invaders totally FREE!!! here.

 I will be adding pretty much anything as and when I get the time (Or the inspiration) so please check back regularly.

Click Image Above To Download & Print

We all hate Jar Jar Binks. Why did Mr Lucas feel we needed a cartoon charracter in Star Wars anyway?.... Don't worry yourself anymore as I have created just for you my loyal fans a FREE!!!! downloadable, printable Jar Jar Binks target for use with your air rifle or pistol.......ohhh that makes me feel so much for your life Jar Jar. :)

 You need adobe acrobat to view and print this file. You can get a free download of adobe acrobat reader from their website.

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Click Image Below To Play Space Invaders FREE!!!!!!

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